Covisn is a company based in Hong Kong. They make glasses that cost about one hundred dollars. Covisn claims the glasses allow 80 percent of color-blind people to see more colors. Specific principle is not we are going to discuss The focus of (and I don’t know), The details please  visit its official website | Color For Color Blind, Covisn sunglasses really has The color correcting sunglasses  effects? How does it work?


An official Covisn AD shows how color-blind people react when they wear their product, which can be viewed here: Valspar Color For The ColorBlind_ potato YouTube user commented, “If you’ll only watch one YouTube video this year… let it be this one!” (If you’re only going to watch one YouTube video this year, watch this one!)

Before we start, two more science stories. First, the majority of patients with color blindness are male. Second, there are many kinds of color blindness, some people know nothing about color, some people can see some color with the naked eye, but it is very weak. So some people can’t recognize the new color at all, while others can immediately name the color of the objects around them.

Glasses for color blind people let many blindness different feeling of color of  the world

One of The videos featured on The Verge has gone viral for The last two days show the guy color blind see first time.

Lakeside, watch the sunset. Before putting them on for the first time, the guy said,
– “I’m kind of nervous…” (” I’m a little nervous…” )

What happens when you put it on? Immediately the expression changed.

Three words popped out.


The friend who was filming asked him,
“Is it weird?”
– “… Yeah…” (Almost cry, half a day can not say a word)

-“Is it very noticeable difference?” -“Oh, yeah. It’s… I’m shaking… Ah it’s f****** crazy… I was looking grasses so f****** bright… the f****** water’s bright, the …. “(in trembling, speech is not agile, behind the SOB a little inaudible.)
The lovely old man kept asking as he opened his presents,

-“Are you serious?”

When I put it on, I was stunned.

-“Do you see a difference?”
-“But I, I don’t know what it is…”
-“It’s called COLOR.”
-“No, no way.”
-“Look at mom’s eyes… Do they look different?”
-“Are you serious? No way. Stop it! Stop it! (
Is this… what is, what is this? what is this though, I don’t get it.”
-“It’s COLOR.”
-“Is this yellow or is this green?”
-“I… I don’t know… It’s so different. How’s this work?
No…”The names of the colors in the old man’s mind did not match what he had seen. “I… I don’t know… They’re very different. How does this work? Not……”

-“This is so weird. I don’t know what I’m seeing. I don’t know…”
-“His shirt’s yellow.”
-“That’s banana now?”
-“Yelp, that’s banana!”-“Oh, banana…”


The family brought a box of colorful M&M’s…

-“Oh my god. Oh my god.”

And then, not knowing whether the old man was show MOE or incoherent, he asked the people around him,

-“Can you see the difference in those now?”
-“Yes. Can you?”

-“This is orange. This is green. This is yellow.”
-“Banana yeah! Banana!”

The dad’s video is also one of the most viewed and has been featured on TV news.
Before he started, he wanted to put them on for the kids to play with, but the kids weren’t interested in wearing glasses, but they were excited to see the color on their dad’s glasses.

The moment I put on my color blind glasses.

Turn around
See the day
-“Is it really different?”
– Just a nod, no words. And then the tears will come.
See the flower
“Look at your kids’ eyes. They are so pretty.”
-“It’s super overwhelming…”
-“It’s a new world. Look at how bright your car is.”
-“That’s really weird.”
-“Holy cow!”
-“Holy crap.”
-“We really need to paint our house. Hah haha…”
-“Look at that! Look at your shoes!”
-“They are pink.”
-“Yes they are! Hahaha… Oh my god!” 
-“This is unbelievable!”
-“Oh, my goodness. Serious… Is that what it looks like?”
The next one is an artist
-“It’s stuff like, like that window freaks me out. That just looks like… like… nothing, looks like kind of greyish. But when I put these on, it’s like, oh wait, there’s like pink with some purple…”

After the son put on his glasses, the family watched the sky together.

-“Is the sky supposed to be this color?”
-“Are you serious?”
-“What does it look like to you?”
-“It’s blue.”
-“What was it before?”
-“It’s blue but like totally, boring, shade.”
-“Is it a better blue?”
-“YEAH!”-“He says holy cow, to everything.”

The little boy uttered some incomprehensible babble of “child talk,” and then said to the people around him,

-“The world looks even more beautiful.”

-“With these glasses, it makes everything the PERFECT COLOR.”

-“Are there variations in color of the leaves on the trees up there?”
-“Yes, yes. There are. There’s some red, some yellow, and green.”
-“I can see it.”
-“I mean it’s predominantly green, but there’s a little bit…”
-“You can see the RED?”
-“I can see the RED.”