What is a baby safety hammock?

Just as the name suggests, a baby hammock is literally a hammock for babies. Made from natural breathable fibres, the hammock (or cocoon) is attached to a wooden pole and hangs from the ceiling, door frame or freestanding stand. A woolen futon mattress is inserted into the hammock to ensure a safe and comfortable sleep for your baby.

A baby hammock is NOT a mini version of an adult hammock, but a specially designed sleeping bed for babies.

Benefits of using baby safety hammocks

There is no doubt about it, parents who use baby hammocks all attest to getting a good nights sleep and leading maternity caregivers “Birthcare” also endorse baby hammocks as a safe, effective sleeping option for babies. Some of the main benefits of using a baby hammock are:

  • Baby hammocks provide your child with a cradled environment which feels similar to being in the womb. The familiar feeling provides a sense of security for your baby and promotes a settled sleep.
  • A baby hammock helps to evenly distribute your baby’s weight, causing less stress on muscles and joints, minimising the risk of ‘flat head’.
  • Baby hammocks naturally cause baby to sleep with their head slightly elevated. This is particularly helpful for babies with chronic reflux.
  • Properly designed hammocks keep babies sleeping on their back – the safest sleeping position for babies.
  • Baby can be easily settled back to sleep by a gentle swinging of the hammock. As baby grows and begins to wiggle on their own, the movement of the hammock means baby will often settle themselves back to sleep.
  • Baby hammocks are completely portable. No matter where you are staying, baby gets to sleep in their own familiar bed. They are lightweight and take up less space than a traditional protector.

Disadvantages of using baby safety hammocks:

percent perfect in this world. Yes, you read it right. Everything has some positive and negative impacts. Baby hammocks are not also an exception of that. There are some disadvantages of using baby hammocks frequently which we pointed out below:

  • The baby hammock can cause your babies breathing problem. This situation may come when your baby is sleeping well in the baby hammock, but it may literally roll to one side and end up with its face pressed against the hammock surface. For that, your baby might face breathing problem.
  • It is also assumed that baby hammock creates a lazy nation.
  • There are also lots of chances of your baby to fall out of the baby hammock which can be very dangerous for your baby. This may happen because as the time flies, your baby becomes older. And once they become old enough, they learn to roll over. And this rollover can lead your baby out of the hammock.
  • This may overheat your baby. Because some fabrics (which are used to make baby hammock) may not allow enough circulation of air.
  • The other accessories which are essential to make baby hammock can be risky for your baby.